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About AG Bioteck

AG Bioteck Laboratories (India) Limited , (AG Bioteck) is established by Scientists of National and International repute having practical experience in the Biotechnology. The company was incorporated on 11th day of May, 1992 under the Companies Act, 1956 as Limited Company with the Regd. Office in Telangana, India.

The main objective of AG Bioteck is to provide a commercial interface for Agriculture Biotechnologies to increase the Food production to meet the ever growing population.

AG Bioteck has established Eco-friendly commercial "Modern Plant Biotechnology Unit" in an area of 3.20 Acres with a capacity to produce 6.0 Million Tissue cultured Plantlets per annum.This facility was designed to produce world class products in 20000 SFT CL-10000 sterile clean areas at cost effective price.

The company supplies to the Agriculture, Horticulture, Forestry and tourism industry a wide assortment of plans such as cash crops, cut flowers, ornamentals, fruits, spices, medicinal and timber yielding woody trees, all of the highest quality. Because of commitment to quality and quantity, AG Bioteck, is the first organization from India, received accreditation to its Tissue culture Facilities for export of Tissue Culture plants from AQIS, Department of Primary Industries and Energy, Government of Australia.

Mr. Punnam Veera Reddy, Managing Director, is a post graduate in Horticulture with specialization in plant biotechnology and had more than 32 years of experience in the production of Tissue culture derived plants for National and International market. AG Bioteck, the brain child of him, utilized cost effective, energy saving technologies in establishment of Tissue Culture Facilities in Hyderabad on par with International Standards.AG Bioteck is instrumental in bringing the Tissue culture plants to doorsteps of Indian Farmers by introducing the concept of Satellite Centres as Secondary hardening Centres cum sales outlets in each Agroclimatic Zones.

AG Bioteck is regularly supplying Tissue Culture plants to the various Government Departments, Corporates and Individual growers in India and abroad. We associate with several NGOs organizations, Agriculture & Academic Universities/Institutes for carrying their Research in our Laboratory and providing commercial training to the stutends in Modern Plant Biotechnology.

AG Bioteck is only the TC Laboratory in the world, where it identified the Plus trees in Teak, developed the protocols for the commercial production of the Tissue culture plants, supplied and grown in the Farmers’ field and Harvested the Teak logs in 9 years with 95% heartwood formation and 20CFT salable woodlogs per tree.

Tissue culture is the desirable technology that is applied in the advanced countries for mass production of superior grade planting material for most crops. Tissue culture, a method of biological research in which fragments of tissue from a plant are transferred to an artificial environment in which they can continue to survive and function.


  • The only Biotechnology Company in India having wide variety of Tissue cultured products
  • Excellent infrastructure to translate scientific ideas into tangible technology
  • Having catered to varying climatic zones of India, has gained experience to meet the demands across the globe
  • Continuous R & D to enhance product quality, reduce production cycle and the costs, thus making the company highly competitive
  • Grassroots-level interaction with farmers to gain vital inputs for product development
  • An eclectic team of scientifically and managerially qualified team of young but experienced people
  • Adopting the tissue culture technology for popularizing products, which are otherwise limited to wild growth and low yields
  • Helping farmers to take up Organic farming which reduces their cost of production, gets them better yield and higher returns
  • Extensive market reach - pan Indian presence further being extended globally to Australia, Africa and Asia

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