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Pongamia Wood properties

Destructive distillation of the wood yields, on a dry weight basis:
Charcoal 31.0%
Pyroligneous acid 36.69,
Acid 4.3%,
Ester 3.4%,
Acetone 1.9%,
Methanol 1.1%,
Tar 9.0%,
Pitch and losses 4.4%,
Gas 0.12 cu m/kg

Pongamia as Biomannure

Manurial values of leaves and twigs:
Nitrogen        :1.160.71;
Phosphorus (P2O5):0.140.11;
Potash (K2O)    : 0.49 0.62;
Lime (CaO) : 1.54 1.58%.
Such manure reduces the incidence of Meloidogyne javanica