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Pongamia : Fodder and Feed

Its fodder value is greatest in arid regions.

The leaves contain :
   43% dry matter,
   18% crude protein,
   62% neutral detergent fiber,
   40% acid detergent fiber,
The presscake, remaining when oil is extracted from the seeds, is used as a poultry feed.

Pongamia as Energy

Wherever it is grown, the wood (calorific value 4,600 kcal/kg) is burned for cooking fuel (NAS, 1980a).
The thick oil from the seeds is used for illumination, as a kerosene substitute, and lubrication.
It would seem that with upgraded germplasm one could target for 2 MT oil and 5 MT firewood per hectare per year on a renewable basis. The oil has been tried as fuel in diesel engines, showing a good thermal efficiency (C.S.I.R., 1948-1976).

Biodiesel from Pongamia

Important fuel properties of methyl esters of Pongamia oil (Biodiesel) compare well (Viscosity = 4.8 Cst @ 40 C and Flash point = 150 C) with ASTM and German biodiesel standards.