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Cost of Pongamia Plantation

Plantation cost 1st Year Rs /acre :7246
SMC works Rs /acre :2400
Total cost (First Year)/acre :9646
II nd Year cost Rs/ acre :1410
III rd Year cost/acre :1383
Total cost Rs/acre :12439
Total Cost :31098


SpeciesSpacing in metersPlants per acrePlants per hectareJatropha2X36661666Pongamia4X4250625Prosopis Juliflora(shall be furnished shortly)

Pit size

Jatropha - 30 x 30 x 30 cms
Pongamia - 60 x 60 x 60 cms

To make pongamia cultivation viable for small farmers with scant resources, the Institute's South India Chapter undertook an extensive study of the various pongamia morph types and identified those with the highest and best quality yield. Institute members selected trees capable of bearing fruit all year round to maximize the total yield, and researched and standardized a simple grafting process-splicing a branch or twig from a mature tree onto the base of a juvenile tree-to dramatically shorten the time until the trees would give a useful yield of seeds.