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• AG Biotek Arka Banana Special is a crop specific micro nutrient foliar spray, exclusive for higher yield in banana crop. It is a research formulation of IIHR, Bangalore

How to Use:

    Mix 75 grams of AG Bioteck Arka Banana special + 1 Shampoo sachet in 15 Lts of water and mix thoroughly.
For Tissue culture plants drench the soil & plants @ 250 ml/plant after 15 days of planting. For suckers, drench after 45 days of sucker planting. Start spraying on the banana plants after 2nd month of plantation @ 45 days interval and continue up to 7th month(4 sprays) Two sprays on bunch and fingers @ 30 and 60 days after bunch emergence.

Ideal time for spraying : 

     Spray should be preferably done between 6:00 to 11:00 am and 4:00 to 6:30 pm. Ensure that spray is done 60 to 70% on lower surface of the leaves and 30% on upper leaf surfaces.

     AG Bioteck Arka Banana Special is compatible with all pesticides and fungicides (except copper based Fungicides). Use 12 kg of AG Bioteck Arka Banana Special per acre and get higher yield up to 20%.