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MANGIUM (Acacia X Mangium)

MANGIUM (Acacia X Mangium)

• Mangium is one the fast growing forest plant.
• It is a native of Australia but intensively cultivated throughout Malasia, Thailand, Nepal and Bangladesh and now in India.
• Mangium is considered as poor man's Teak.

About Tissue culture plants:

• Tissue culture plants are developed from selected elite mother plants.
• Tissue culture only can ensure genuine Mangium plants, there by eliminating the off-varieties which drastically reduce the yields.
• Grows faster than seed derived plants.
• Ensures uniform growth, early maturity and high yields.
• Disease free and disease tolerant.

The Wood - Characteristics and Application:

• True hard wood with narrow sap wood.
• Pale yellow brown & close grained.
• Used for making attractive furniture and cabinets, mouldings, doors and windows.
• Light constructions, railway track sleepers etc.
• Plywood & laminated veneers, particle boards.
• Waste wood is good source of fuel wood with high heat output.
• Pulpmaking and paer making.

Returns for Acre:

After 10 years yield / plant25 cft
Income from intermittent fellingRs. 12.0 lakhs.
Final income on final lot of plantsRs. 33.0 lakhs
Total gross incomeRs. 45.0 lakhs

Climate & Soil:

• Grows well in hot humid tropical conditions with temperature ranging from 10-35 0C.
• Can grow in alluvial as well as weathered, eroded rocky and thin mineral soils.
• Surplus water is required initially either by drip irrigation or natural rainfall.
• Soil pH can range from 3-10.
• Very sensitive to drought condition.
• Very sensitive to saline soils.
• Very sensitive to water logging.
• The plant is shallow rooted hance cannot withstand heavy winds.